Where and How to Buy Marijuana

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If you’re an American citizen looking to purchase cannabis in the United States, whether for medical or adult use, cannabis products must be purchased either through a dispensary (retail storefront) or delivery service.
Dispensaries are retail storefronts that are licensed to legally sell cannabis products. These storefronts will verify your age and eligibility by checking your physician’s recommendation and/or medical ID (in some states), or state-issued identification card or driver’s license. It’s good practice to always be prepared when it comes to identification — don’t get stuck outside.
After your ID has been checked and validated, you may wait before you enter the display room. This is standard and the wait shouldn’t be long. Many waiting areas have educational materials and info cards to read until it’s time to browse for products.
If you didn’t bring cash, get it now. While some dispensaries accept debit or credit cards, many don’t. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dispensary that doesn’t have an ATM on-site, however. On-site ATMs are usually located in the waiting room, which you can conveniently use while you wait.
Once you enter the display room, you’ll be greeted by an employee who will guide you through the buying process. In the marijuana industry, this person is called a budtender. Budtenders are there to answer your questions – What is that product? How do I use it? What are the effects? How much does it cost?

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