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Carlos Maldonado 16 Dec 2020


Overall the (Red)THC Cartridge is the Best out of all the other medical marijuana dispensary Cartridges in New York! Curaleaf and Pharmacann cartridges do not compare. Vireo Cartridges are smoother and has higher-quality Oil. Plus they have a greater spectrum of CBD to THC ratios in their products for different medical conditions than any other dispensary In New York!

Joyce Morehouse 16 Dec 2020


Vireo Health in White Plains, is a great place to go!! All the pharmacists are on the ball , and the people who work there are nice , helpful and friendly!! They go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need.

Dennis Siano 16 Dec 2020


This is a great place period. But If you are looking to get into the program or this is your first visit this is a great place to go. Schedule a consultation. They have a wide variety of products and are informed about all of them. Quality is excellent. Price is very competitive. If you have never been here before or it’s been a while since you have gone, I recommend you pay them a visit. They have increased their product line and decreased their prices. Employees were always great to deal with, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Kevin Kelly 16 Dec 2020


Staff on site is helpful, product is as described but extremely expensive, not only Vireo’s faul, but the states. Website very cumbersome to navigate, tried to reorder a few times and gave up, just too much work.

Debra Lazarus 16 Dec 2020


It gets a little backed up but well worth the wait! I have Crohn’s Disease and after 1 year on oral blue I had my first normal colonoscopy. There was no mood altering effect! The vapor oil with more thc has been very successful treating my PTSD and insomnia!

Now living with post covid POTS, I could not live without. Pain meds made me ill but the honey melts have made it livable! I pray for all the others like me to move to a state that’s medical marijuana friendly!!!!! Its expensive, I only wish it was paid with a sliding scale!

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