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William Parry 16 Dec 2020


I’m pretty sure all the workers are high , they don’t know anything about their own products and if they say they will call you when a specific product comes into stock, they don’t. The two dispensaries on 21st Street in Newark are much better, even if their prices are not

Madison Fleming 16 Dec 2020


I have been given the wrong product and charged incorrect days for products on THREE separate occasions. Will not shop there ever again.

Paige s 16 Dec 2020


Slowest services around. There has to be a better process than what you are doing!! You shouldn’t have to wait 2 hours after your arranged pick up time to receive your order. And then you better double check to make sure it is what you ordered. Don’t plan on returning as this has happened at multiple locations and visits.

Cynthia Coffee 16 Dec 2020


Pretty speedy lanes outside. Sometimes there is a wait. Always deliver product. They shorted my change twice ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK

Madi Litten 16 Dec 2020


When there are sales, the prices are great, otherwise, you can get better prices AND service elsewhere. Apathetic/unenthusiastic staff, rarely does one pick up the phone, and whoever enters info online needs a new job, meaning it’s either wrong or not fully filled out. THC percentages under EVERY item would be great.

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