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CupCake 16 Dec 2020


The Ppls are so nice, patient & willing to answer all questions. It’s like going to visit a friend. They seem to keep a great selection of stock on hand. Prices are reasonable. Never had any kind of problem here, whatsoever..

Candace Imler 16 Dec 2020


I really like this location. The staff has always been friendly and polite. Online ordering has made my life so much easier and they’re also attaching a day count to your receipt so you always know where you’re at. No more guesswork. Any issues I had before have been addressed and improved. Love you guys!

kristal taylor 16 Dec 2020


The most pleasant staff imaginable. Knowledgeable and patient, answering every question I’ve had. Highly recommend VCD Chillicothe.

Miles Johnson 16 Dec 2020


Hands down the worst dispensary I have ever been to but since it’s the only one in town I use it more than I would like to admit. I would love to speak to the man who owns these. So many common sense problems that are magnified by employees who do not care to do better. For example, why offer call ahead ordering and pick up if you still have to wait in the lobby and go back to the dispensary to pay? Nine times out of ten you can find the staff vaping beside the building with a lobby full of people inside waiting. I cannot wait for an alternative to open in Ross County. Bloom puts this place to shame.

Nicole Everling 16 Dec 2020


First time patient! Great staff! I came in pretty close to close and they were still so friendly!! Very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to talk to!!

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