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Ilean Zamorano 16 Dec 2020


Order online if not you’ll be taking an hour or longer

Veronica Escalate 16 Dec 2020


I just think this is ridiculous we’ve been waiting out here for hours y’all need to come up with a better system

Arturo De Avila 16 Dec 2020


Great first time experience.. Great customer service.. As soon as i came in I was greeted and i advised them this was my first time here. They had me fill our some paper and send and email with some of my information. Once i received my response with ” Good to Go” the gentleman at the front desk helped me finish my registration and gave me my id card. Super easy process. Great variety of products and daily deals. Took less then 30 minutes. I recommend to come early before they open at 10am to be first in line.

Yasmeli Perez 16 Dec 2020


There is no purpose in placing a online order.. the waiting time is the same even if you place your order online HOURS ahead. Good prices.. but the waiting time is around 1-2 hours.. or more.. get ready to wait in line out in the hot sun.. and if you wait in your car and do not come in to constantly check.. you will get skipped. I guess keeping your window down while you wait in your car is an option.. but the chances of getting skipped are more than likely to happen (talking from experience).

Martin Aguirre 16 Dec 2020


This place is great in customer service and knowledgeable on products. Wait times here are bad but can be overcome with a simple online order. The only reason this place doesn’t get 5 stars is because they have limited time slots for pickup and they don’t offer delivery. Maybe delivery and more time slots for online orders would help with the wait times.

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