Tsaa Nesunkwa Dispensary Ely

963 S Pioche Hwy ,Ely ,NV 89301 ,USA



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Linda Hoernke 16 Dec 2020


A small but efficient dispensary. I was traveling and needed some items. The staff was friendly, helpful and helped me find just what I needed.

Joanne Boggs 16 Dec 2020


Might the staff is great there they’re very helpful the flower isn’t that great if you’re looking to smoke flower you don’t want to get it there but the Vapes are great especially disposal the Vapes are great get the Vapes not the weed

Gregory Clark 16 Dec 2020


This shop alone makes me yearn to drive out to Ely, aside from the natural beauty abound that surrounds the fair town. I had the opportunity to frequent Tsaa Nsunkwa several times over the last 18 months and every visit was fantastic. The employees are super cool and knowledgeable; inventory has never failed to satisfy my soul even going into the COVID era; their points program is the jam on the toast!!!
Ely is one of my favorite places in the Great Basin, Tsaa Nesunkwa my favorite dispensary. Truly the punk rock band of Nevada dispensaries!!! If you happen to find yourself within 120 miles of Ely (which is close if you are THAT close), don’t miss visiting this shop and spending some schmeckles.
Love you guys…

D. T. 16 Dec 2020


Everyone is super nice and prices are where they should be. won’t be getting gouged like other places. 😁😁

Rex Populi 16 Dec 2020


Used to come in here 4-5 times a week, never had a single issue. Today I got chewed out by an employee I’d never even seen before for taking a pic of their halloween decorations. I can understand the policy, but being rude and nasty about it is not ok. Not one person has ever said anything in the years I’ve been going here about me being on my phone, but all of the sudden it’s an issue lol right.
I have spent thousands here, at the very least I deserve to be treated with basic respect and not patronized like I’m your misbehaving kid. I’ll be going to Curaleaf from now on.

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