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Glenn Camp 16 Dec 2020


I stopped in a while back, a couple months ago, and decided since I was on a budget, I would just get a preroll. Wow, was I glad I did. The staff was knowledgeable of the products, and the shelves were organized very well. I was able to get three half gram infused prerolls, for less than 15 bucks, and again, am I glad I did. They were all indica, as that’s my preference, and I couldn’t finish one in one sitting without having to take a breather. This is not common for me, especially with a “cheap” preroll. I have been going back since, almost daily, for these awesome little doobs. Always pack a punch, and never made with trim. Probably the perfect budget dose. Highly recommended.

Altfa Draskens 16 Dec 2020


The help and owner were very friendly and helpful. Selection could have been a little better, but overall the experience in store was excellent. The flower was potent and tasted great. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll be sure to stop in again. Sofa King strain for the win!

Mandy Passmore 16 Dec 2020


Chris is very informative and really cares about the Patients ,Yall Rock.😁

Aaron Marler 16 Dec 2020


This dispensary is very knowledgeable of the industry as a whole. They have a good selection of many types of products for all needs. Always having some top quality flower, I highly recommend them. Also in their selection is clones- most don’t have clones. They periodically run special deals, but the prices overall are fair. The product is solid.

Rickey Dye 16 Dec 2020


Whoever said the price is fair must be close friends or family. Don’t even stop here. The weed is absolutely beautiful , the catch…..wait for it…$25 a gram. I’ve never saw that kind of price in my life. No weed is worth$25 a gram in my opinion. Idc how pretty it is or how good it is no one can afford that. No one I know at least.

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