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Tara Walter 16 Dec 2020


Worker’s are very nice. Bud was really good. When I first started coming there was always good deals. Now 2 years later I’m not as impressed as I was. The prerolls r usually always too tight. The Rosin was Always great. The last one I got the consistency was different. It was more like Wax and not Rosin. I hope the next time things r like they use to be. Workers are still great.

Christine Beauregard 16 Dec 2020


My name is Christine Beauregard
I was diagnosed with cancer not long ago. I immediately had the tumor removed. At least the one they found. The radiation was horrible. It did further damage to my throat. I felt as though I was breathing fire every time I opened my mouth. Food, was the last thing on my mind. The physical damage was very depressing. I had no one to turn to with questions or sympathy with what I was going threw. I have my sons, but it’s not like your mom or your sister. My life was very gloomy, uncertain and sometimes I felt suicidal.
But when I shared some of my info with the Compassion Center, they showed just that. Compassion. And to the fullest extent. From strangers even!!
I’m 62, and on a fixed income. These people offered me help with some of their product. And I must say, their products are of the highest quality, and they are doing it free of charge!! They are helping me get threw these days, and shining the sun back down on me. They are the kindest, considerate most Compassionate people I’ve ever met, and I truely thank god for them everyday. I’m afraid of where I would have been without them. Thank you dearly, for all of your help Slater. 🙂

Leah Phillips 16 Dec 2020


I like it vary much

MS KVII 16 Dec 2020


Good products and good service, other than that I’d rate five stars except for the amounts of people in line lately for the drive thru can be a hassle feel like there could be a better way to implement the waiting times.

Tina Barbosa 16 Dec 2020


My favorite dispensary. Love the drive- thru service

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