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nick dominator 16 Dec 2020


The staff was very knowledgeable about the product going out, they new exactly what type of flower that would set the perfect mood for you..
The selection of edibles to hardware is amazing.. the various ways to enjoy marijuana other then smoking it they have ways… Ice cream, candy, cookies what more can you ask for… There clothing line up is badA_S!!!..

Justin C. Powell 16 Dec 2020


Great tenders. Would like to see RSO and 1:1 tropicals as and editables’ in store. Price points through the roof up here… buying much less cannabis up here in AK. I think the industry’s really losing out on sales up here with their overprices.

Tamera lee 16 Dec 2020


Good price nice people

Mary Spain 16 Dec 2020


This shop offers a wide range of products. I was able to find a few things here that I hadn’t in other shops which was a nice surprise. The staff are professional but fun. I was so carried away with the good vibes that I didn’t notice until half way out the door I didn’t have my change. That was a fun extra few minutes spent in the shop. The employees were very dedicated to finding out if in fact I did get change back or if I made a mistake. It was a minor inconvenience that could have happened anywhere but the level of professionalism and willingness to solve the situation was very appreciated. It was their chill and welcoming vibes that just stole the show and I would highly recommend this place not just in general but to a first time buyer not sure of their comfort level yet. This place will help you, welcome you and provide you with some great products.

Elly 16 Dec 2020


Super helpful customer service and they have a pretty good size selection of goodies to choose from. AND they have an ATM inside just in case you forget to bring enough cash.

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