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Travis M 16 Dec 2020


The Green approach is absolutely incredible. Mike is phenomenal, polite, and courteous. This is the first dispensary I have gone that actually takes your care into proper consideration. I’m not saying there are not other good ones but the way you get treated here is just different in the most pleasant way. I can sincerely say I’ve never once been even close to disappointed with my purchase here. The bud is INCREDIBLE, the area it’s in is private and quiet, it’s clean, and most of all with the risk of sounding like a broken record the staff is AMAZING. I’ve been to just about every dispensary in Southern Maine and The Green Approach is a cut above in every single category. I wish this business absolutely nothing but greatness and hopefully they are around as long as I am because I simply don’t want to go anywhere else. Thanks so much you guys, and too anyone looking for that place to make your go to, I assure you go here and you will never find dissatisfaction. 🙏🏻✌🏻

Erik White 16 Dec 2020


Friendly, knowledgeable, affordable, local, and they grow all of they’re product! This place is great 🤘🏽

Scott Stevens 16 Dec 2020


The bud is great but the hours on the website dont match so call ahead!!! I showed up Friday at 6:15pm cause the hours stated 11am-7pm but they were closed. Waste of time and gas money

ellie c 16 Dec 2020


Great place and wonderful location.Its clean and reasonable. The owner takes his time to explain everything and is very nice. . Very pleased with my visits here.

katherine carter 16 Dec 2020


I really love this place . But really wish that the hours were updated online

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