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Beau Ogden 16 Dec 2020


I’ve never had to wait this long

Adam Gilbert 16 Dec 2020


Always super nice and helpful. I primarily go here for the Atomic Sauce carts, but had a little extra cash, so bought an eighth by DND Genetics, the strain was Kosher Dawg an THC is 28%. I’m only writing this review because I wanna help guide someone to a phenomenal high. Nice body high, but no couch lock. This strain makes me feel happy to be alive. It’s $45 with tax, so not the cheapest, but if you got that little extra $, definite recommendation.

Michael Montano 16 Dec 2020


A dispensary that pretends to put on the facade of a local business that cares about its patients, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. My girlfriend has been patronizing this place for months, and spent thousands of dollars, yet they consistently lose track of orders while insisting the fault is on the patient, routinely mislabel and deliver the wrong medicine, without missing a step consistently over charge… and when the patient finally gets the courage to ask that the company’s mistakes be rectified…they say we’ll call you back. This place does not deserve business from genuine patients whose health is dependent on professional and consistent service. Go anywhere but here to spend money on the medicine you need.
*Update: This establishment chose to pursue the route of deniability again. The order was for delivery from downtown, only later was an order placed for curbside at D2 because Downtown simply denied the validity of the the original order.

David Wilson 16 Dec 2020


I am always picking up this companies trash from my area because they refuse to secure their trash cans from the homeless. i am picking up their used gloves and other trash with receipts from them. it is a simple matter to lock up the trash cans to stop this from happening . I have contacted them several times online thru their contact us to portal to no avail. hopefully public shaming them works but somehow i doubt it

Mable Yeager 16 Dec 2020


Nice and clean environment. Chris and Luna are so friendly and helpful. Please bring back the gram deals.

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