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Linda Delvecchio 16 Dec 2020


Was at the AC store and yes everybody has been nice…until you walk in the back n some woman behind the counter who i was not dealing with calls out my name after i order n says to put my mask over my nose….nobody else from the front door to the gentleman who waited on me said a thing…i don’t do fear mongering and it could have been dealt with differently by coming up to me and talk to me. It is not a Law to wear a mask…just a mandate…and i was already social distance from employees….NEVER GOING BACK there again til they get their act together and for her to learn to respect the few customers that they do get! Oh and you need to educate yourselves about your own masks as the one’s you all wear do not stop you from giving/getting the virus…do your research!! Ld

Jason Bertani 16 Dec 2020


The Manger is a very helpful and polite person. The location is on the AC boardwalk so its got a nice view. Oh yeah great bud as well.

Marisol Rivera 16 Dec 2020


Great service the customer service that’s an awesome job answer your questions always come out of their happy

Anthony Samuels 16 Dec 2020


Very Polite people with great customer service and may I add they are very knowledgeable to the various of Mediacal Cannibis they provide to their customers/patients

Nick Lazzaro 16 Dec 2020


This place really is AWESOME! Short lines , incredibly friendly, and creating an atmosphere of kindness. Bud is very good and so many options. Im not new to this game and this is my favorite dispensary in NJ as of right now.

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