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Nishek Kumar 16 Dec 2020


Had vegetarian burrito bowl and grilled chicken bowl. Chipotle is the go to place while you are on the road. The quality, quantity is pretty good for the price. We were in San Antonio and were pretty hungry at the end of our day wanted to try out the local diners but they were way to expensive for simple foods near the river walk and around the major destination to visit. There were lot of people so please order ahead.

Aseef 16 Dec 2020


This Chipotle is fantastic! The quality is just like every Chipotle I’ve ever been to, also fantastic! Except, this one has, over the top, the best customer service. I’d been looking forward to a chicken bowl with extra veggies and just the right amount of both spicy and mild salsa for days. Finally got it at this location and was ready to demolish that bowl in a way that would frighten young children. Instead, on the way back to my place, one of those saddest things of my life happened. I dropped it. I dropped that precious bowl of Mexican-inspired meaty goodness. I know, I couldn’t believe my misfortune either! I dragged my sorry self back to Chipotle, ready to buy another bowl. Then, the entire day changed when the workers recognized me and gave me another bowl for free ninety-free! I was fully willing to pay but their kindness made that bowl taste 10x better!

sofia 16 Dec 2020


My family decided to dine here. We ordered and got our food perfectly fine, and then went to sit down. We sat down at a table and within minutes an employee told us we couldn’t sit there because of “social distancing” which was fine. But as we were waiting for another table to open up two white individuals sat down at the table we had just been kicked out of. My family and I were watching and I told them that I was sure they would ask them to sit somewhere else as well. The same employee comes, cleans the table for them and allows them to sit at the table we were told we couldn’t sit at. Discrimination.

Susannah McNeal 16 Dec 2020


Says your store doesn’t deliver to my house which is only 14 minutes away, but will deliver to another address 22 minutes away…doesn’t make sense. But the food is good though.

norah saleh 16 Dec 2020


I like chipotle but just want to share my bad experience today . We decided to dine in and most tables were closed temporarily. We sat down in one , we were on our second bite and the cashier approached us to tell us we couldn’t eat on that table due to social distancing . There was another empty table and was temporarily closed so we didn’t try to sit on that one . We stood there with the food back in the bags . We were about to leave when a table was available so we sat down there . A couple came and starting eating on the same table we were eating at the beginning . Same situation, cashier told them they couldn’t eat there but cleaned the temporarily closed table for them . I asked him why he didn’t give us that choice and He says due to the social distancing.really ???

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