Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary – Huntington Huntington Station

277 Walt Whitman Rd ,Huntington Station ,NY 11746 ,USA


  • ATM Onsite
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Medical Sales


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Marie Angelina 16 Dec 2020


This is my favorite place to bring my friends because it’s got an easy going atmosphere, with a beyond gorgeous aesthetic. There’s greenery everywhere with beautiful terra-cotta pottery and Spanish tile. Clean cut to thee queen’s standards. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and I am just so grateful to get to be a part of America’s first Cannabis Cafe! This is the American dream. This is Californian culture.

Charles Weiselberg 16 Dec 2020


Everyone is friendly. They handle the bureaucracy NYS has forced them to abide by quickly and efficiently. I’m rarely not in and out. Only thing I’d love to see them add, maybe on their website, would be their criteria for how often a patient may pick up a particular strain. I often get there to be informed my order cannot be filled based on recent fill history. TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE! it would just be really awesome to know ahead of time, as I’m usually rushing on a break to make it there from far away. Either way, stop in there. It’s far nicer than other dispensaries I’ve dealt with on the island

Cynthia Krug 16 Dec 2020


Had a problem with not having the paper for script recommendation by the doctor. I called the doctor’s office and an employee spoke to them and told them what the doctor’s office needed to do and everything was resolved. They also printed out a copy for future use for us. Very, very nice place and very nice patient people.

Speedy Jay 16 Dec 2020


This place is a rip off. They sell defective vapes and underweight the product. This state should be ashamed of the selling pratices that are going on. Every state out sells NYS in price and quality. Sunnyside you should be closed soon we will not shop there again. Oh ya if I could give these hacks no stars I would. Just go any place else.


Tiwana Lewis 16 Dec 2020


Love this place! Staff is so Friendly! Vapes , Valid!

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