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Luke Lucini 16 Dec 2020


Friendly customer service every time. The bud is pretty good as well

Dont waste your time with online ordering. It use to be fast. Now its slower then the regular line.
My suggestion is to just show up and order in person.

Andrew Wilbur 16 Dec 2020


They are good. Like all dispensaries basically. RIs MMJ laws are why most dispensaries do poorly. So I give these guys a 5star. They are friendly and have decent stuff. The reason for any bad reviews. Is because the state of Rhode Island and it’s legislation has done such a poor job on it’s medical reform laws. That is why anyone here has left a bad review. Not due to the efforts of the people who work here. Happy trails folks. Don’t avoid this place. They are reasonably priced. I like that they allow those with more severe needs to go before the long line. That speaks volumes in my opinion and this is the only dispensary where I have seen that happen.

Donna Drake 16 Dec 2020


I went in and I have a Walker and I need help to get in and out of the place they let me in with assistant and they said that I need a letter from my doctor and when I go to the other compassion center I don’t need one and when you pay with a credit or debit card watch out cause they make Mistakes and they might over draw your account

Richard Duquette 16 Dec 2020


I would like to know why your only getting half a gram now and still paying about the same price for the gold cartridges.

Amanda Garcia 16 Dec 2020



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