Suite 443 Arkansas

4897 Malvern Ave ,Hot Springs ,AR 71901 ,USA


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Jeas L 16 Dec 2020


They made my first visit at that dispensary very Welcoming. The staff is down to earth and from my experience, knowledgeable about their product. I’m not a fan of the drive but it’s not terrible. I started going to Suite 443 after I noticed being shorted by another dispensary multiple times after weighing my product once I got home. The money spent on the shortage after time, adds up. Suite 443 are always accurate on the amount of product I purchase which only shows integrity on their end. All around great experience. Definitely worth the drive!

Soy the Rapper 16 Dec 2020


I have taken my family to almost every dispensary, in Hot Springs. Here is a real review:
The place is very inviting. It doesn’t smell like a skunk as you want inside. This is the most professional dispensary in Hot Springs. The staff is polite. They serve refreshments. They are set up like a coffee shop mixed with a pharmacy. The guards could be more friendly.
This is the single greatest dispensary, in Hot Springs. Some of the other ones make you feel like you are about to get robbed.
You hardly can spot this one so keep your eyes open. I’d highly recommend this one over the other ones.

Wayne griffith 16 Dec 2020


My girlfriend is a patient, and has extremely bad anxiety in general. She doesn’t like to drive due to how anxious it makes her, she doesn’t like talking people or going into public alone. However, Everytime she leaves here she has a good story to tell me about how friendly the staff was. She’s always happy with the product and genuinely loves the experience. She’s always in and out unlike when I drive her to other dispensaries. Not sure what they’re doing in there, but they’re doing a great job!

Rikki J 16 Dec 2020


Really great! I never have to wait in line, they have complimentary snacks & beverages, everyone is really helpful and nice, and best of all they don’t use plastic containers! You also get a nice free gift on your first visit. It is totally worth driving a little further. They also keep their menu updated throughout the day, so you are more likely to get what you went there for.

Jt Nurmohamed 16 Dec 2020


Amazing customer service. I work an hour and a half away and sometimes can’t make it before they close. They are nice enough to to stay late for me to make sure I’m taken care of. Awesome, knowledgeable staff that makes the buying experience super easy. One of my favorite dispensaries!

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