Stillwater Dispensary Oklahoma

1925 N Boomer Rd ,Stillwater ,OK 74075 ,USA



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4.4 out of 5.0
Service 3.4
Price 3.4
Quality 3.4
Location 3.4

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Preston Pebsworth 16 Dec 2020


my fav spot in town. they have awesome deals everyday. i get their shake to make edibles and they are fire

Sean Wright 16 Dec 2020


Absolutely an amazing dispensary in all aspects one of my most used centuries in Stillwater go there for the great selection and end up staying because of people.

Bus Stop Says What? 16 Dec 2020


Pretty good. i hit up their shake deal to make edibles out of so i cant speak for bud/wax quality. idk why there is a review here that says this is near the shady part of town. this is right next to boomer lake which is the nicest part of town next to the college

Stoner Monkeys 16 Dec 2020


Stale pot, over priced, and day time is better than nite. Good egg rolls 2 doors down.

Gandy Primc 16 Dec 2020


I bought raspberry cough says 27.5 %
It’s not worth the time.chunky girl it was ok but not great.amnesia 1/4 not any good I’ve grown amnesia and it’s skunky flower this doesn’t have any dream it’s not worth it either way I’ve grown blue dream to and what i grew theirs doesn’t compare at if I was going to all the expenses to open up and run a dispensary id want my customers to return and not sale them bunk weed.

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