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JUST GARCIA 16 Dec 2020


I spoke with a Manager in Taos who was going to get back to me in reference to an Ethics issue over a week ago He has not followed up with me about A manager assaulting myself in the parking lot. More people treating Disabled Americans unjust. Not sure why there was no follow up as I have given this Company thousands of dollars since the doors have opened in Albuquerque. If I would have known this at day one I would have shopped elsewhere. Me and my Disabled friend and family will get our Prescription from a respectable company who believes us Disabled folks are to be treated in compliance with the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act and the Oath “Most healthcare workers” apply.
I will edit this post when they contact me.

William High Eagle Sandoval 16 Dec 2020


Excellent staff, service and product. Thank you!

Angela Tafoya 16 Dec 2020


Good Customer service… good price and Quality. Thanks for been a Unique pharmacy.

Trenna ashley 16 Dec 2020


I have only been in twice, and both times I’ve been treated with the Ute most respect.
These people are friendly, and very helpful. They are highly knowledgeable about their products,
and will not steer you wrong. Love Southwest Wellness!

Journeyman Jim 16 Dec 2020


Best Taos dispensary! Awesome staff, exceptional product & great location. What’s not to love!

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