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Tee Gee 16 Dec 2020


Cool place!! Easy in and out! Price chart was awesome too! Would come again next visit! Budtender was awesome I wish I could have gotten his name he needs a raise! 😃 ( Kinda taller skinny guy with black rimmed glasses)

Joe Hawkins 16 Dec 2020


Its a good shop on the rec side but don’t bother for medical; they haven’t had flower on that side in at least a month.

Brandon Davidson 16 Dec 2020


Updated review:

The owner contacted me and we discussed my poor experience via email. He was very apologetic and offered to make my experience better if I ever decide to shop at this store in the future. Updating to 3 stars because the prices are as good as I’ve seen, and I’ve had some decent experiences with staff in the past.

I placed an online order as a matter of safety due to the pandemic. I wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible, to minimize contact and time spent in a small indoor space, and knew that there is a checkout window at this store that says “online order pickup” in big letters. Well, I arrive to pick up my online order, only to find there was a line out the door with guests standing within a foot of each other. I proceeded to nicely inform the lady checking ID’s that I had placed an online order and would like to pick it up and get out. She then said I had to wait inside, in the 30-40 minute line, and after my wait, I could go to the online order pickup window and it would “go fast after that.” After trying to plead my case without success, I asked to have my order canceled, and left.

When I do an online order at target, I show up pick it up and leave. When I do online ordering or curbside pickup at other retail establishments (including other local dispensaries), I show up, and my order is either brought out to my vehicle, or I pick it up from the online order pickup location. That’s the WHOLE POINT of online ordering/pickup, especially during a global pandemic and the worst crisis since WWII. It seems as though another reviewer had a similar experience, and the response from the store was that they had corrected this issue. That review was a month ago, so clearly they have not.

I’ve had ok experiences here in the past, so this was really disappointing, to say the least. I hope this store takes corrective action to keep guests and employees safer in the future.

Wic Owens 16 Dec 2020


Super friendly staff! Huge edible selection and dank weed. Definitely my new spot when I’m in this area.

Tyler Watson 16 Dec 2020


I do like this dispensary, but there was little to no social distancing in place which made me feel very uncomfortable. I counted multiple customers wearing masks under the nose (which is ineffective).

Additionally, the product I ordered cost $6 more in-store than it was adversed online, with no explanation. I only found out after I was being checked out which seems very misleading.

I’d come here regularly if they beefed up their COVID guidelines or offered curbside pickup.

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