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Lyle Drummond 16 Dec 2020


Great selection and good prices. Facility is clean and well staffed. Staff has always been friendly ,nolagible, and helpful in my decision making. They often have specials going on, which is helpful when you’re on a budget. They have large digital menus at each counter with prices before and after taxes. Lines can be a little long sometimes but they try to get through the as quickly as they can.

NeverApollo. TruthTV 16 Dec 2020


I never go anywhere else! Everyone is always happy and looking good, great deals often too. Budtenders are all the greatest and knowledgeable. Love this place, and miss mayla (aka) dog is always welcome. They also show my good rock finds from the area in their displays, the best!!!!

renee ruth 16 Dec 2020


I wish it was possible to give zero stars to this “business.” Never have I been so embarrassed. One of their employees came after me like a madwoman. She was determined to make a scene and crucifix me. I made the mistake of going into the wrong door and didn’t realize it because they didn’t have any signs posted. I assure you that I would have never done so if they had signs up. Again I’m not from that town and have never been to a dispensary before. So I thought it was a two-way entrance. I waited in line for ten minutes then hear the banshee yell out. She could have pulled me aside and explain but she wanted to make a show out of me. She told me that I enter the exit and needed to leave. I told her I’m sorry, I have never been here before but just yelled over me and said I had to go because I didn’t have my ID checked. I had no idea how they did that. I thought you just go to the window and show them. I tried to explain but she told me I had to leave. I didn’t fight with the harpy. But thanks to her, I have no pain relief for my psoriasis. It was really hard for me to come out and stand in a building where I felt everyone looking at me. What a horrible experience. I will be looking to speak to managers or whoever. I don’t give a damn about becoming a “Karen” this is not how you treat people.

Rodney Biddleman 16 Dec 2020


My bud tender Adriana was super cool and friendly. Amazing experience. Kristen is also super amazing. never disappointed when going in.

Kathryn August 16 Dec 2020


I love SSR! Great options for whatever your needs are as well as apparel and great customer service. My favorite place in Fernley!

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