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124 Manzanares Ave Ste B ,Socorro ,NM 87801 ,USA


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Dj Cap 16 Dec 2020


I have gotten both incredibly high quality AND incredibly low quality medicine at my local dispensary that was produced by Seven Point Farms. It’s honestly hit or miss with their product which is a bummer to type because I’ve heard a lot of great things about what they do.

Erika Hopper 16 Dec 2020


Always good quality dense sticky buds with a nice effect ! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ love their bud never have gotten anything that wasn’t good

Destiny Baca 16 Dec 2020


Got addicted to this place, the flower is just so tasty. I love the popcorn buds as well. I’ve tasted many places & this is a place that doesn’t have a distinct flavor of nasty soil or a staleness to their flower! You like tasty, sticky quality flower than this is the place to visit! Bianca and Jerry are very knowledgeable and experienced and just make your visit a great one!!!

Bethany Lumos 16 Dec 2020


This dispensary is seriously the best. They aren’t open every day so make sure you get there on a Monday or a Friday. Product knowledge and suggestions and understanding of how products will effect you is phenomenal and the staff are always friendly and helpful. Not to mention they have the best products around, & still offer discounts that bring the awesome product to totally affordable prices. I would leave five more stars if I could!

Heidi Nelson 16 Dec 2020


Cannabis was pretty great. And a nice selection. The gentleman I spoke to was knowledgable and very friendly but the customer service from the front is HUGELY lacking. The girl doesn’t seem to know how to greet patients, make eye contact or provide a welcoming environment what so ever. I imagine, there has to be a better way to make patients feel comfortable coming in to your establishment. Keep in mind you’re not selling just any product, you’re providing a patient their MEDICINE. Hire nicer people.

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