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Mark Jordan 16 Dec 2020


I’ve given reviews before about ATC!

They truly are the best dispensary in New Hampshire!
Not only is the product fantastic but especially the people that work there are top notch number one!

Their compassionate understanding helpful and take all the time you need for any question you may have!

When I go there it’s just not because I’m getting my medicine but seeing the people and dealing with them make me much happier even though I deal with chronic pain every day!
All due to how much they care!!!!

Lee Foster 16 Dec 2020


Love the ATC Sanctuary crew very knowledgeable and caring and fun people. Just got some new Blue Cheese Sugar and the Cherry Punch is great. Keep up the great work and medicine team.

Kevin Laurent 16 Dec 2020


My wife likes the associates and their knowledge.

chrisdionne12 16 Dec 2020


Such a welcoming place and staff they are so knowledgeable and helpful with every little thing, from my Crohn’s disease to depression after being in the service if it wasn’t for this place I don’t know what I do. I’ve even been able to come off of four antidepressants and benzo’s because of this I can’t recommend it harder

Christian Glasenapp 16 Dec 2020


While getting my medical card, my doctor strongly recommend going to Maine because of the extremely hight prices in Plymouth and Conway. Honestly with those prices what’s the point of buying legally.

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