RISE Dispensaries – Lakewood (Madison) Lakewood

11818 Madison Ave ,Lakewood ,OH 44107 ,USA



  • ATM Onsite
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Medical Sales


4.7 out of 5.0
Service 4.6
Price 4.6
Quality 4.6
Location 4.6

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Katie Harder 16 Dec 2020


Why are Rise Employees so NICE?! I mean I love that, who wouldn’t? But seriously everyone, these people who work here are the best. Super welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and actual real personalities. They aren’t pretend customer service generic happy. They seem to be genuinely themselves and care. I just got my card and had no clue what I was looking at or anything. So don’t be shy if you are new! I will probably only go to this dispensary because I like it. I like the people the best, but the products are amazing also. I’ve worked specifically with Annie and today I don’t know his name, I’m going to find out, but he was at Register 1 around 4:15(Rise, if you are reading this please tell that guy he’s great). Love these people, and there is a parking lot off street too so I like that too.

Tyesha Johnson 16 Dec 2020


One of my favorite dispensaries! The staff is laid back, friendly and very knowledgeable. Get your card! Check things out!

Katie 16 Dec 2020


This place is very nice and the people that work there are great. However I think they are overpriced and that may be due to Lakewood pricey real-estate so you will pay a bit more for the convenience of both Lakewood locations proximity. I have also had some product I was not 100% happy with.I also think that the stock is not as appeasing as other dispensaries. Will only come back for convenience of location. Otherwise I think it is a great place; just expect to pay more.

Kassady Oberacker 16 Dec 2020


Prepare for lomg lines outside. They’re doing fantastic with covid safety protocols. Call ahead and order online are both great.

Cynthia Fortson 16 Dec 2020


It’s like having family members who understand you have certain issue’s always friendly it makes my day better

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