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Michael McGlothlin 16 Dec 2020


Staff was friendly and helpful. Signage could be useful for product information. For the inexperienced, there is a lot to take in. The ambience was comparable to a chiropractor’s office rather than a smoke shop. A sign on the road would also help – I drove past it and had to turn around.

Susan Sasseen 16 Dec 2020


The staff is great, I always have so much fun while I’m in there. Product is excellent plus it’s close to my home. Prices are good too!

R 16 Dec 2020


First time customer at Plant Family. Megan…you freakin’ rock! Made me feel right at home with a few quick, silly jokes and even complimented my sleeve…lol. Friendliest staff I’ve ever met. Even budtenders that didn’t interact with me were nice enough to say goodbye on my way out and wished me a good day. They have a huge selection of the nicest buds with a handful on sale. Until Missouri opens up dispensaries late 2020 or early 2021, I think this will now be my spot!

John Lawrence 16 Dec 2020


Great service with a smile!! Staff was very helpful with information. A wide variety of treatments from dry herb, to oils,ointments, and edibles such as chocolates and gummies too. A very welcome and much needed natural alternative medicine facility.

Cleveland Pannell 16 Dec 2020


Overall very pleased with the knowledgeable,staff members and any question you have, they’ll find the correct answer that your looking for, myself smoke for 38 year’s still toking,, The quality could be ramped up little % wise of total euphoric head highs,there eatables are outsource which is part of the business gotta love it could be without the experience of body pain relief that’s second to nothing opiates over it always I’ve found thru my research marijuana always had a calming effect or I wasn’t purchasing it,stood my ground on this one,PFT employee’s There super people Dakota, Megan, Angela, Hannah, Kaye they have another smiling face Added in weight dept where always helps sale’s with A Natural State Smile Arkansas worker’s work hard decent people statewide some the Best fishing in Our Great in Arkansas,DEER hunting off the chain THIS DISPENSARY ROCK’S STAFF ROCK’S n sale’s the 6 months they been open there getting better every time I pass thru the flower door to product , starting move precision timing an smiles everywhere that’s good business leadership…….. An having the best team that’s treated as family keeps Happy productive employees that love showing up for there shift too work, PFT possibly saved my LIFE for using flower as my natural pain medicine little expensive if you want the best you’ll pay for what you want n what you get different tiers and different strains are yes slightly higher but You know what your using and it’s not mid grade sprayed with scented aromas such as apple pie, strawberry dumplings, amazing scent’s to the nose the better the smoker’s knowledge is of the plant after that start picking your strain I prefer Top SHELF STRAIN( A) different kinds mix it up for the flavorable exciting popping taste of citrus, scented sour Diesel,yes very good choice hands down ,AK 47 phenomenal as well U gotta get your cards Arkansas step up let’s give our grower’s a good Christmas n the weighers,, the sellers staff n stock worker’s they do all different jobs from one place to another n that’s very profitable for Arkansas and helps keep our taxes controlled,Even helps our State ROADS interstates system huge for Arkansas bringing tourist daily from.all over America here to The Natural State our home ,, Arkansas Come N Stay A While visit PFT there open full team loaded and professionals Truly A Picture Of Fine Art N Motion ,,just seeing The experience n The staff shine’s thru the roof with smiles and Awesome Flower N All Products Are Amazing Eatables ,Yes good prices Could do what The owners Can do by state law ,There good hard working people the owner’s have families too they gotta eat also but genuinely good owners and the team from grower’s to Door opener’s n Check in receptionist are Fabulous NUFF SAID ,,, (PFT) let’s GET ER DONE 😎😃 Can’t say enough good things about MT HOME AREA Dispensary ,,,AT PFT On 62/412 hwy next to the Marina VERY beautiful secure,safe , Business well lighted always camera’s rolling helps keep.prices down I’m sure Anyway Come One ,,Come. All. ,,Carpool ,,We’re waiting for you and gladly waiting on you while your shopping experience is A Stunner FUN all the Aromas are best together Best smelling Job in The world helps cancer chemo patient’s,PTSD sufferers and Military Veteran’s We Can Help you wonderful people of.our great country American Strong Military,,,,Thanks to all our veteran’s especially Arkansas Vet’s GOD BLESS YOU ALL.TY. ALL

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