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David Foster 16 Dec 2020


I’m happy to see medical cannabis available in Utah. The selection of flower, cartridges, edibles and other products is very limited. I sometimes have to wait in line outside. The employees are always willing to help. My only complaint is the lack of product, however it’s better than when they first opened up. I’m optimistic that they will have a better selection of flower, which is my favorite. The prices are very high so bring lots of cash. There’s an ATM inside the apothecary. Overall it is a good place, and they are improving their line of product, quality and selection. In order to purchase any product, you’ll need to ask your doctor to write a letter of recommendation for you and then you will need an ID. Even though it’s a bit pricey, the quality is very good. It’s always a good time to have a look at what they’re doing and what they have planned for the future.

Karen Wade 16 Dec 2020


The staff is great. Isaac is always very kind and helpful. The prices are sky high, and the selection is very small. They are usually out of flower and sell out of new stuff fast. Hopefully with time prices will drop and selection will improve. The place itself is great though.

L Mac 16 Dec 2020


We should be paying the pharmacist the high cost of a 10 minute office visit with an “expert” just for a letter to take to the pharmacy. The pharmacist here spent 45 minutes with me explaining everything I needed to know, answered all my questions, made me feel comfortable and literally spent the time getting to know me so she could thoroughly help and assist me. I’m blown away that they are not paid more. The staff here was also so friendly and welcoming. For newcomers, this can be nerve racking. I left here feeing better than I did the doctors office!

Derrick Kugel 16 Dec 2020


My grandmother and I had the pleasure of visiting this fine establishment today once she had her required paperwork and approvals. What else can we say but WOW! First of all a beautifully designed and decorated business. The staff were incredibly kind, informative, and considerate without trying to push any sales. We had the pleasure of speaking with Fern, our consultant, before checking out with Issac. Fern was very knowledgeable, kind, and overall fun to meet! She helped my grandmother identify what products may be best suited for her needs, as well as answering all questions regarding legality in Utah and usage. Issac was friendly, quick to provide assistance when needed, and made checkout a breeze. The best part of this entire experience was that in the 15 minutes it took to drive here, 20 or so minutes exploring inside, and 15 minute drive back home – we felt safe and secure without any fear of breaking any laws. Prices and inventory need improvement but no one is complaining here – I’m sure once more open and laws slowly get more reasonable, we won’t have to worry much about that. Can’t believe it actually happened here in Utah and couldn’t be more thankful! THANK YOU PERFECT EARTH!

Dana Cottingham 16 Dec 2020


This is such a great place. It’s a peaceful environment and the people there are so kind and helpful. I was so thankful for the patience and help my 80 year old mother was shown, especially where she was getting a product I was unfamiliar with at the time, and this was her first experience with anything like this. They are also helping me to find the best way for me to medicate. Yes, the prices are kind of high but it’s not their fault. I’ve been going to the store for three months now and I will keep going!

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