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Evan 16 Dec 2020


A long wait for the mandatory visit with the pharmacist, finally gave up and left. Some workers not wearing masks. The product is overpriced, as expected. You still have to go out of state to get high potency products because of how Utah does things. The facility struck me as sloppily put together – a fresh coat of paint over a seedy interior. But that is just my opinion. It is better than nothing!

Baseball Fan 16 Dec 2020


Amazing staff! It’s always great to shop somewhere where everybody knows your name. Mike truly took the time to help me with my needs as I’m a little complicated and I couldn’t be more grateful. I wish you guys weren’t so low on stock though..

Zander Perkalator 16 Dec 2020


Staff is great, but the entire Medical Marijuana setup right now isn’t skewed in favor of patients. Right now, Perfect Earth is selling immensely overpriced lowest-grade quality of flower AND cartridges. They are selling 0.5g cartridges that contain 18%-THC for $60!!! That’s $120/gram for some very questionable quality of “medicine”.

They try to say it’s a supplier thing, but they do it with their own brand. Highway robbery.

Matt Palmer 16 Dec 2020


I just went in for my first time. The people there were SO nice and wanting to help me. They were all super informative and made sure my needs were met. I wish I could give you guys more than a 5 star review because my treatment there was exceptionally well done!

Chelsey Parry 16 Dec 2020


We were able to get in the same day. I havent been able to write the Review til now due to the internet not working. Really Great Employers and Great Service.

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