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Amanda Bedford 16 Dec 2020


I drive from Columbus to this place because it’s so much better than any place in the city. Better selection, good prices, hours are convenient and the staff are great. Knowledgeable and not snotty. Well worth the drive down. Do yourself a favor. Easy parking too.

Victoria Kuhn (Tori) 16 Dec 2020


I just recently got my card and I did not know exactly what I needed. The staff here is super nice and highly knowledgeable. They will take the time to help and educate you during your purchase.

Jennifer Finley 16 Dec 2020


After receiving my medical marijuana card yesterday Ohio provisions was the first dispensary that I decided to try, and I must say it was a very good choice. They have so many options to choose from with great quality and awesome prices. I had Patrick assisting me yesterday and he was so much fun. he was very helpful and any questions I had about any of the batches that I purchased from. Also showing me each product before I purchased it to make sure that I the satisfied with the look of the product. After going home and taking my first doses of medicine last night and taking an edible for the first time. Last night was the first full night of sleep I have had uninterrupted in I couldn’t tell you how many years! Thank you guys so much for what you do and Patrick I personally want to thank you because I am more than pleased with the choices that you help me make yesterday!

bryan Divelbliss 16 Dec 2020


Absolutely the best! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with all questions. There’s little to no wait.

Stephanie Karshner 16 Dec 2020


Very fast service, moderately priced menu items. A lot of flower choices just not mangy other categories.

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