NW Compassion Medical Center Oregon

1970 NE 238th Dr Ste B ,Wood Village ,OR 97060 ,USA


  • Recreational Sales


2.9 out of 5.0
Service 3.8
Price 3.8
Quality 3.8
Location 3.8

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Hayden D 16 Dec 2020


One of the most depressing dispensaries I have ever visited. The employees looked so unhappy and the quality of product they had on the shelf was just awful. Highly recommend going somewhere else.

Joshua Peterson 16 Dec 2020


Omg they were so nice when i went in last time, and I don’t remember if the weed was good or not so it probably was 😜

Clinton Glasener 16 Dec 2020


Changing my rating. I bought a scale for slightly less than $80 and started weighing my 1 gram purchases from various dispensaries. 4 times I was sold

Kelly Mendoza 16 Dec 2020


I didn’t like my first few visits here (product, price or people) but time and location are on their side. It’s the only dispensary in the Fairview area and pure convienience was the ONLY reason I went back… Overtime I grew quite fond of my local pot shop here. They have a very friendly crew who continue to learn, educate, and improve the service they provide. They know their stuff and me (now a regular) making it a quick in and out when needed. They know what I want when I come in and have been on point with recommendations when I’m in the mood to change it up. I also haven’t found a shop with better deals on joints (more sativa’s available then other places and full grams at better prices too)

Golden Gamer 16 Dec 2020


The staff is friendly, and knowledgeable. The product selection they carry is a nice mix. I assume bc its a smaller store they keep a smaller inventory so if you find something you like I usually buy as much of it as im allowed too. Prices are very fair and theres a price point for everyone. I’ll be back for more goods and services!! Thanks guys for help me out.

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