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GG 808 16 Dec 2020


I am now on my husband’s medical marijuana card as his caregiver, so it’s my first time in Noa Kaneohe with him. The staff warmly greeted us, got my Driver’s License for their record and even returned it sanitized! In fact the store was extremely clean and well appointed with simple but modern seating spaced appropriately. We were the only customers at the time and received professional, friendly attention. When the staff indicated they were ready, one of them escorted us into the inner showroom. Our associate brought out a flyer with the menu of their offerings at counter #1, and efficiently filled husband’s order. Noa offers points with purchases that can be applied to future buys, to save money! So we saved money as hubby had built up a nice point balance over the months, & he received a gift of 10-pack mix CBD/THC capsules! He chose these over the lozenges, which were the other gift choice. Win-Win 🌟 I think I saw an ATM machine in there but don’t quote me. Better bring cash! Today’s experience was pleasant and super decent. You Windward side 329 cardholders and caregivers go give Noa a visit. They will help you with the medicine you need and awesome attitudes of Aloha🤙

emme SEMEION 16 Dec 2020


Probably my favorite place on the Island! Beautiful and clean dispensary tucked away in the heart of Kaneohe. Employees are friendly, knowledgeable, kind and quick. I’m always in and out in a dash, happier + more educated than when I arrived! 👏👏👏 🤙

heavenly alberti 16 Dec 2020


‼️IF YOUR NEW TO THE ISLAND OR NEW TO THE MEDICAL CANNABIS WORLD COME HERE FOR A GREAT DEAL‼️🥳🥳Im gunna start this off with im new to the island I moved here from another medical legal states but this .. I being a new coustomer/patient got 10% told going in and i had just came only coming in for a half ounce which is 140 (look on weed maps or leafy for prices) but being said I also have a military ID so I got another dont qoute me now “10%” or “15%” OFF!! MAKING IT 100 and some change…like I said before I was a new patient I got a half gram cart,a pack off thc fruit punch 11 mg lounges annnnd I also got a whole bottle of thc tincture FREE !!!! I was honestly blown away walking out with so much only to spend 100! for hawaii thats awesome! SO IF YOUR NEW TO THE ISLAND AND WANT A GOOD NEW PATIENT DEAL WITH A LOVELY ENVIRONMENT AND VERY SWEET BUDTENDERS ❤

Michael Sawyer 16 Dec 2020


Alright, I’ve been coming here for awhile now, both locations. So, it’s time to leave a review.

First, the people are super nice. In fact, I met the sweetest budtender ever here. We see you. 😉 But, that’s never the problem with these places. The real questions are quality and price.

In regards to quality, they offer low to mid-grade beasters at best. There are no real headies. Most their flower strands hover around 12-17% THC with their standout strain maxing out at about 22% THC. I’ve encountered some questionable products as well. I got some cartridges that taste more of latex than anything else. And, I got some flowers that hand not been properly flushed before harvest. It smoked super harsh and you could clearly taste the chemicals. I’m not really sure what nutrients they’re using either, but their flowers have the least flavor of anything you’ll find in the state. Their drying process is super aggressive as well. Never mind the fact that, their flower packaging does not fully seal as to avoid mold. It doesn’t cure either though. Having said all that, they do offer sealed bags of really good shake at tolerable prices. It cures in the bag, so the flavor and potency is actually a little better than you’d expect.

In regards to pricing, NOA is the best bang for the buck when it comes to flowers. The questionable products I mentioned before were one-offs that are probably the result of growing pains. The only real problem I see with NOA’s pricing are their special’s text alerts. The ads need to be more clear and grammatically correctly, especially if, the website isn’t maintained to reflect real-time inventory levels and pricing.

Janine Porche 16 Dec 2020


Incredibly friendly staff, very warm and welcoming, beautiful interior, quality products!

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