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Cha0tic Owl 16 Dec 2020


Super cool, super friendly staff. New to the area, and love the “feeling” this store has. Very calm, very casual. Will be back!

brian buchanan 16 Dec 2020


State collage nature’s medicine is top of the line in service. I have never once went there and not had superior customer service. Great selection as well:)👍

Robert Scotton II 16 Dec 2020


Other than the fact that this place actually sells cannabis there was nothing positive about this location. It’s supposed to be a medical facility but they have no problem letting people that have cancer and other respiratory and immunos compromise systems be out in the cold. Or hot in the summertime. they have absolutely no lighting so unless you already know where the location is you can’t even see it driving by. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve almost hit pedestrians because you can’t see them in the parking lot. When I’ve asked the staff about this all I get told is that the people that they buy the building from won’t let them do any adjustments to the facility. Well then find another facility that will in the area. OR figure something out. But just telling the patients to deal with it is ridiculous.

Mary Amendola 16 Dec 2020


I have nothing but good things to say about this business in State College, Pennsylvania. The employees are so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Every visit is such an enjoyable experience! I learn something new every single time I visit Natures Medicines in State College, Pennsylvania! This is a wonderful place! If I could give them more than five stars I would! I love Tim and Bern! I love everyone there! Thank you for saving me from the back pain that once paralyzed me so bad that there were days I didn’t think that I could get out of bed! 🙏

Jim Kramer 16 Dec 2020


The staff is very friendly and professional here. That being said, the facility itself is a PITA. First of all, if we are going to be standing around outside waiting to get in due to COVID restrictions- would it really be to much to ask to have a fence put up so your clients have a little privacy from people driving buy? Also, why are you always out of flower? Other facilities in the state that I frequent do not seem to have this problem. You could do better.

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