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Stephen Truax 16 Dec 2020


Treated me as a valued customer. Veterans discount. Great staff. It was my first time there so I got to spin the wheel and earned an extra perk. I had fun just shopping there. Great menu.

angela wood 16 Dec 2020


Took my friend to Native Green and she tried to use her passport because she lost her driver’s license. The ‘head if security’. Is very rude. This is the second time that this man has been rude. He acts like he doesn’t care if he has your business or not. This would be a great store to go to, if it not be for the mean, unhappy little man working security…..

John Healey 16 Dec 2020


I ordered online and drove 30 miles. I stood in line and then was told my order was at the front door. When I went back to the front my order had been filled incorrectly. No problem……..a few minutes later it was fixed. Then they didn’t have correct change so they asked me to wait while they got it. 5 minutes after that I just left a/o my change. I was tired of waiting on what seemed to be a disorganized and clown type atmosphere of doing business. They can keep the change($4)………..they can’t keep me as a customer though!

Tarah Elliott 16 Dec 2020


Huge shout out to Frank and Jessica, who made my experience even better. This was my first time here, and I’m happy to say that it exceeded expectations. It was clean, the staff were extremely friendly and willing to answer questions, and the selection is the best in Central Arkansas. Will definitely be returning!

Neenee9000 16 Dec 2020


Such a great place!!! Patients are valued and it is so easy to see. My favorite in the area!!!

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