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Aaron Argueta 16 Dec 2020


Def my favorite wellness shop and cannabis dispensary!! Such good folks run this shop, and the chaga mushroom tea is a MUST HAVE! They carry lots of healing herbs, CBD for pets and people, and aside from this greatness they are an award winning cannabis dispensary that every local needs to experience!! Shout out to Wayne for being so helpful with all the customers!! He knows his stuff!

henry hernandez jr. 16 Dec 2020


If u dont like taking all those deadly pills that are given to all people that have insurance.but if you believe in the natural ways of medicane.please i beg of u to visit mother natures remedys.because not only the possibilities.of being cured.will most likely happen to u.i had this weird stuff behind my ears.not stand?in line at a store.thinking that people looking at my ears making me feel weird.but i came her they gave me.some stuff to rub on my ears and a week later im clear and no more.selulite on my ears.thank u mothers.u gave me my confidence back.please visit this place they can help u.

Michelle Ennis 16 Dec 2020


This place has the worst customer service. When the store was on Louise St, she was great. Now, I don’t know what happened. The cashier was talking to a customer (while the customer was paying) FOREVER! No one helped me. The owner looked stressed out. It was messy and looked unorganized. The owner looked like she was trying to man down the whole store. I mean come on, isn’t that why you have people work for you. I think the employees all smoke weed. Before she moved locations, I would have given 5 stars. Now, that weed got you stressed!!!!

Ed & Sons 16 Dec 2020


Love this place! You have all your holitic needs there. Dave & his wife are great hosts they can explain whatever your needs ate and they have the different products without any need of pharma all licensed medical hetbs and spices and cbd products you can need. And if they don’t they will try to direct you with similar products for your needs.

Karie Smith 16 Dec 2020


If you care about your health make sure to come here. This place has all types of healthy herbal teas, vitamins and many more!

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