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J C 16 Dec 2020


Great selection of flower and other products. The lovely ladies here are so friendly and helpful! I really love the vibe and service is always very fast for me. The pricing is great for me, pretty standard. They also have specific deal days and discounts regularly. Very clean and welcoming environment. I love this place.

D E 16 Dec 2020


Better deals than Prescott usually. Pleasant, helpful staff. No wait most of the time, except on Thursday mornings when they have their best deal. See Leafly for more info.

Slip-Stream Gaming 16 Dec 2020


As a person with a lung condition, I was told that I couldn’t go into the dispensary without a mask on. I have a letter from my PC physician stating this fact and still told that I have to have a mask on. I will be going in ( with a mask ) but only to spend my loyalty points on what flower I get. Then I won’t return after that. Even if they decide to do away with their mask policy. Hopefully I don’t pass out due to lack of oxygen. But if I do I’ve warned them of my condition, and I will sue the company that owns this dispensary.

Andrew Burt 16 Dec 2020


Staff is great always have time to walk you through it if you need it. Shop is clean. Product always does the job. Thanks team MMJ

Jared Parker 16 Dec 2020


How are you going to tell a patient you cant come in without a mask but be a employee who isnt wearing a mask them selves this dispensary is a damn joke

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