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Robert Peyla 16 Dec 2020


Knowledgeable staff. Top notch facility. Downtown parking is terrible.

Tasha Short 16 Dec 2020


The staff is super nice and the environment is very soothing. The prices are good, as is the product. We’ve had a lot of “flower” that was superb. I don’t recommend the greener apple gummies though.

April Zabel 16 Dec 2020


I love this place when I go staff are nice good products, but they never answer the phone if you call 😞

Jordan Davis 16 Dec 2020


This establishment has amazing customer service there was so many issues with a pre-paid credit card i was having and through all 6 transaction tries that they knew the money was on there for not one employee rushed or got aggravated as me by the situations just calm and amazingly helpful and tried figuring out the whole problem with me thank you guys your wonderful and will always have my business i do wish i could have got the tiger piss flower because we left and the card went through just fine at the gas station. THANK YOU FOR FOR BEING AWESOME AND YOUR EXTREME AMOUNT OF PATIENCE.. I have never experienced customer that amazing before.


David Sullivan 16 Dec 2020


Update : Friendly, professional staff with knowledge to back it up. I went here the opening week and oh man was it chaotic. They have had time to figure things out. I still think the prices are higher than the weed could get you but at least they are fixing things they have more control over.

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