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3.8 out of 5.0
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Quality 3.4
Location 3.4

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Kandis Aucoin 16 Dec 2020


Easy to deal with and very nice people. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because I can’t use my debit card and I hate using cash. Cash is gross, I hate touching it and I also have ATM fees when getting it out. Other than that, they are clean, friendly, quick, informative. I would recommend to everyone.

Cyndi Mangum 16 Dec 2020


Doug and his staff are so helpful and kind every time I go to their pharmacy. They have, and share knowledge about this medicine that I just never knew before. It has changed the quality of my daily life and I am grateful.

Elmira Gulchman 16 Dec 2020


Very helpful and caring staff, but the product is too expensive not to mention you pay the physicians office every time you get a refill which is twice a month. Add on the cost of the product and it’s too expensive and not strong enough. But I do think the staff is great; this issue is beyond them.

Heather Lee 16 Dec 2020


Hope Pharmacy has literally change my life as well as my family. “Hope” is exactly what this pharmacy provides people on a daily basis. The staff goes above and beyond to provide compassion, care, and relief for these precious patients who deserve “hope” to live a better pain free life. Thank you Hope Pharmacy for making a dream become a reality.

JustaFriend 16 Dec 2020


it’s a rocky start for this program, the people are nice but the products are not effective for people in severe pain. If you have a deadly disease causing you pain they offer a strong thc product but only for those situation. Expensive and restrictive best describes the program but it is the state that hampers the strengths of there medicine. Hope Pharmacy is not responsible for the state restrictions imposed on them. Hope has good people.

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