Harvest HOC – Tucson Arizona

2734 E Grant Rd ,Tucson ,AZ 85716 ,USA


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They always have good deals on the venom dabs but if you go at night the line is always long. I would say order online it’s a little quicker but not much. Everyone that works there is pretty cool too, always nice. I did get Bud there the one day and it was super dank. …sometimes they got the rainbow rolls for $3.50. those are actually super dank for a whole gram . I’m about to hit my dabs on my new dab rig right now

Rolly Cornerstone 16 Dec 2020


Placed an online order . People here are usually pretty nice . However, yesterday , the lady who cashed me out was cold . After she gave me my change , no thank you , have a nice day , nothing. Wasn’t greeted nice either . I always tip at least $5 , didn’t give her anything because of her attitude. If you don’t like your job , or CERTAIN people , you shouldn’t work with the public

Karen Krawczyk 16 Dec 2020


The staff are very helpful and kind. The prices are good and the specials are really terrific! What more can you ask for? This is one of the best dispensaries in the state.

Jeff Nutz 16 Dec 2020


Pretty good dispensary. Wide selection and good deals. The only issue I have is the wait times. My fastest trip to Harvest was still about twice as long as my fastest trip to Prime Leaf.

Brittany Renee 16 Dec 2020


This really is a great location to buy your medicinals at. The price is perfect, the staff actually make sure you’re covered from walking in to walking out and most of all no one has ever once thrown an attitude with all the silly questions I’ve thrown their way. Great jobs guys! I will definitely recommend to everyone!

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