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Philip Castelluzzo 16 Dec 2020


Place was clean and efficient. The prices were decent for NJ but not in comparison to some om the other states. Also, the line outside was a bit on the annoying side. Aside from that, the service was good and the people were super friendly and knowledgeable. Overall a solid place!

Eric Palummieri 16 Dec 2020


Place sucks from stem to stern.

Mandy Pandy 16 Dec 2020


This place was really nice, so were the staff!!!
Very fast and efficient!! The place is comfortable clean and the staff more than helpful. The service is just how good service is suppose to me. Thanks you guys!!! 5 stars. Whom ever gives less than that I’m not sure what else their looking for. Just make your purchase and leave…. not really fair to write bad reviews when they aren’t bad at all!!!
Again I give them a 5 star!!

Matt O'Day 16 Dec 2020


Never visited when was Greenleaf. Always out of product and limited offerings for what they did have. First visit was during “get basted”. Great product, great promo. Employees were in good spirits for being as busy as they were. There does need to be some work on the line. No discernable signage or information on what line is for walk up and what line is for order ahead. The employees do a good job of communicating once in line, but a sign would be really helpful. Stephanie was a great resource for what Ascend has to offer and for what symptoms. Will def be back. Just tell me where to stand!

Paynusification 16 Dec 2020


Been here a couple times over the course of the year and the Herb quality is absolutely TERRIBLE and EXTREMELY overpriced, close to $20 over street prices without the BS tax even included, they DO NOT give discounts greater than 10% no matter if you are on gov assistance or a first responder or even a senior. The highest THC% you will see is 17% which is a joke. If you want REAL MEDICAL DO NOT GO HERE. Massive waste of time and effort. Their growers are a joke, bud tastes like lawn mower clippings at best. Not to mention there are no fun colors or even good aromas.

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