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Molly From Michigan 16 Dec 2020


Pretty good place. The online menu is kind of a mess. But I stopped by and grabbed a half of the mid-grade stuff and it was pretty good. Curb side service was quick. Everyone was very friendly.

Rae L 16 Dec 2020


Love the staff. Great atmosphere!

frank pose 16 Dec 2020


Use to be a good spot, bud tenders are not knowledgeable of the products and couldn’t give me any Information on what I was buying almost like I’m just here to make a sell man get your stuff and leave type of atmosphere the strains aren’t what they’re labeled as, shortage on the weight tip my 3.5 is really 3.2 3tenths off and I paid $40+ I’m truly disappointed, The top shelf bud is all shake and they’re still trying to sell shake at$60 an eighth. Smh..I’ve been going there for years, the place is updated as far as the look other than that I recommend you go elsewhere. I’d rather buy meds from a guy at gas station before I go back.

Big Bop 16 Dec 2020


Placed an order off a weed maps for 1/2 ounce as I was told previously I had to as I normally go inside but couldn’t cause of COVID. Was given all trim off of a strand I ordered and called in to discuss and was told I couldn’t return it and that people where able to come in for the last month. I was not told I can come in again and had to accept the trim off a product that they knew because the second I brought it up without telling the product, they made a statement of the strand without even me telling them what it was. That alone tells me they knew the product was not sufficient. Bad business for a loyal client who will probably be taking my business elsewhere in the future.

FoSho Show 16 Dec 2020


Very nicely setup and professional Also staff is friendly 👌 Good WEED Indeed!

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