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Dakota Fayard 16 Dec 2020


I had a great experience at this dispo. Owner was absolutely amazing!

Matt Maizel 16 Dec 2020


High quality products, and good bang for your buck!

Den Jefferson 16 Dec 2020


I traveled 3000 miles to shop here! Actually I was vacationing and dropped in on my way to eat some Dungeness Crab at Kelly’s Marina down the street. The guy who owns the place is way cool. His shop is small and selections are limited by comparison to some other Oregon shops but his demeanor is great and he is knowledgable about his products. His prices are way less than half what I pay in New Jersey. But then I’m paying a premium for the privilege of just living here.
I wish so much that I lived 3000 miles closer.

Addie Brown 16 Dec 2020


The owner is really concerned with the quality of his products, and it shows! I’ve been extremely happy with everything I’ve ever purchased from here. Prices are great and the owner is a real character. I’m never disappointed by the selection of what’s offered

Michelle Nicole 16 Dec 2020


My mom and I love going here. Awesome dude who runs the store, great local product, very affordable prices. It’s the only store we really like to go to on the North coast, and he always gets new products to keep us interested!

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