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Marlo Stanfield 16 Dec 2020


Used to be great. But new management is slowly raising the prices, belittling customers and making the set up of deliveries an absolute nightmare (which is a big deal since they’re in the middle of nowhere). Too bad, I would’ve given them 5 stars just 6 months ago, but a manager who mocks customers and worse? They’ll shut down soon for sure. Highly recommend *anywhere but here*. Also their oil is super undistilled (it’s dark and tastes off) and the “rosin” is like soup save for one or two strains. So it certainly isn’t helping that quality control apparently doesn’t exist. But hey, they lab test, so you know exactly how much THC is in their junk. Spoiler- in their flower, it’s not much. I definitely rode the “this is medical so it must be better than the alternative” train for far too long. This is not a medical facility and they are not equipped to deal with or recommend for medical issues. These are slimy drug dealers with gangster mentalities towards their “patients”. Period.

Mitch Connor 16 Dec 2020


With Rec established in MA and all the great homegrown flower in VT you are really wasting your time paying this much for a product that could easily be sold out by the time you get there. With the money it takes to sign up and get through the door (over $150) you could drive to MA and have a real selection or buy an oz of VT homegrown

Danielle B 16 Dec 2020


They were very polite and helpful!

Brenda Patterson 16 Dec 2020


Great place and the staff well informed. I recommend Grassroots to everyone. Thanks again!

John Samson 16 Dec 2020


Nice people

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