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ashley catts 16 Dec 2020


I come here every 3 days for my usual order I love it and people are always so nice & professional. High quality product but my only two complaints is one the pre rolls don’t smoke you have to re roll them so be prepared to purchase papers and two the carts seemed fine when I first got some but overtime they started dying at half full or a decent amount left in the cart they know what they are doing not switching to half gram or full gram carts I bet they rack in more money with disposables but I would come more often if they had quality carts.

Sara B. 16 Dec 2020


I just recently received my medical card. I decided to try Fresh Delaware. I couldn’t have been happier with my first time experience ever at a dispensary. I was nervous, ridiculously so. The staff here made me feel welcomed and relaxed. Granted the selection they have is limited but the product is amazing. I tried two different products and both exceeded my expectations in quality and performance. I hope they will have a wider variety sometime in the near future. I definitely reccomend Fresh Delaware!!

Ashley Mendez 16 Dec 2020


Without a doubt the BEST dispensary in DE. The staff is beyond friendly and they are so welcoming and they have the best products. I have a dispensary 5 minutes from me, but I gladly drive the 40 minutes for Fresh’s stuff. Even if their flower was mediocre (never had that problem because Fresh is the best when it comes to quality) , I would still drive the 40 minutes simply because the staff is amazing. You can tell they put their patients needs first and they are big on customer service and building rapport with patients. Fingers crossed for a 2nd location opening. Out of all of the dispensaries in DE, Fresh easily surpasses all of them by a landslide. You guys care about your products, patients, and business and it shows. Keep up the great work!!

Kevin Kaiser 16 Dec 2020


Today was my first time going to fresh and was unaware they were still ordering online with curbside. They went out of their way to take care of me, sign me in and getting me what I needed with much quickness and extra courteous. Thanks and see you soon

C Hall 16 Dec 2020


Security was very rude and disrespectful. I had my personal care assistant drive me because of disability and the guy said to him “you cant just hang out here” and wouldn’t let him accompany me inside where due to I’m almost blind I couldn’t really shop without assistance. It was really embarrassing and unexpected since we e gone to other Dispensaries and no one ever rejected us. Havent been back since ce. It just made me feel very bad and I can go to another one within walking distance of my home and be treated with respect. Someone needs to inform that guard that we are patients very sick and they shouldn’t make us feel worse.

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