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CTS 16 Dec 2020


Where is the Variety and Consistency in the Flower Selection? Its simply unacceptable to continue to to take the stance of to say “You have to wait for mother nature and what the mature time is for a plant”. We know that. Thank you. But the reality is you are a DISPENSARY! Why do you continue to operate with a “Business Plan of a High School Pot Dealer”? Why are there barely ever 1/4’s and never 1/2 ounces? We Disable War Veterans certainly would appreciate the discount in price. Would it be possible to add a “Packaged on Date” on your product like other Medicinal States do? or at least disclosure of what its gown in as other states do? We understand how many card holders there are in Delaware and the lack of Dispensaries (And most certainly the lack of competition) but please remember when you first opened you bragged about the quantity of grow rooms, why aren’t they functioning at capacity? In all fairness the other Dispensaries have also not lived up to the expectations of those of us with a Terminal Illness or a debilitating disease. But it would be refreshing to see one Dispensary Step up an own it and if not provide the actual product we need at least stay away from the canned responses and set the example. As the first Dispensary in the State with two locations you still can make a difference if you so choose. You can pioneer the way for the others to try to emulate your legacy in the field. Your Call FSC.

Chris B 16 Dec 2020


Don’t waste your time! Online ordering has been a challenge for FSC Wilmington since Covid started (over half a year ago at this point). Sadly, it seems they are still unequal to this challenge, as they still have not setup enough infrastructure to handle online ordering. Instead, they shut it down when they get “overwhelmed,” rather than plan for the traffic they’re experiencing (which, at this point, should not be a surprise and they SHOULD be able to plan for it. It seems to me they’re taking advantage of having a captive clientele, as it seems obvious there is no motivation (or at least, no attempt from the customer perspective) to even allow us an equal opportunity to purchase product – as exemplified by the slipshod/intermittent ability to order online and NO ability to order via telephone or purchase in person anymore. Don’t forget folks, Fresh Delaware and ColumbiaCare are also in the Wilmington/Newark De area, and in my experience they both actually recognise that without any customers, they aren’t making any money.

Shannon Myers (RealHotGirlKush) 16 Dec 2020


I received a letter about an incident on 8/10/20.
This letter incorrectly states the events that happened that day.
My rights as a disabled patient with PTSD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, 4 herniated discs (L3, L4, L5, S1), Post Laminectomy Syndrome, Avascular Necrosis, PCOS, Depression, Anxiety, Memory Difficulty, and many other severe chronic debilitating illnesses- were violated.
I disclosed my past and recent abuse to Haley Schell and Nicole. That of which contributes to my severe PTSD that I’m struggling to heal from. Those two employees assured me that I would feel safe walking into FSC and to ask for them directly.
My best friend brought me to FSC that day. Nothing was wrong that day.
I came into FSC and asked for Haley or Nicole. I was told Nicole was on that day at the first window. When I was let in I was immediately told I had to sign the good neighbor agreement, which I had signed with Nicole about a week prior. After refusing to sign it until they got Nicole, the front desk called security rather than calling Nicole who I was told to ask for and I signed the paper with. Security came out literally pointing fingers in my face telling me “I can’t tell them what to do” when I asked them to please get Nicole who I felt safe with. The security then told me to “go sit outside” until they got Nicole. All of this is unethical and aggressive treatment towards a severely disabled patient. I was getting loud, because I was scared and having flashbacks, my entire body was shaking and I was sent into fight or flight mode because of the way the front desk and security escalated a situation over a paper. I was begging for all the employees surrounding me, to get the person I felt safe with and I signed the paper with. Then when that person, Nicole finally showed up it was too late, I can’t just snap out of my PTSD symptoms. The last thing I asked her was “I thought you said you would make me feel safe?” and she claimed I came at her. I did not, I was needing help at that moment because I was in tears and shaking and still had the security that were in my face pointing their finger at me and raising their voices at me saying I was “playing games” perusing me behind me for not signing a paper that was already signed. I trusted Nicole and Haley and disclosed the severity of my abuse. This treatment is unacceptable at any Medical Cannabis Dispensary, you cannot handle sick patients like inmates.
I deserve a chance to come back and use your curbside options because that was not made available at the time and this situation WOULD NOT have happened if I could have remained in my car with somebody I feel safe with and trust. Who is also an advocate for me when I cannot be.

Sarah Suda 16 Dec 2020


By far the MOST disrespectful staff I’ve ever dealt with. I tried to get ahold of the manager “Gina” and was told I had to provide my first name, last time, & phone number just for the staff to check if she was available… & then I was placed on hold for 2 seconds & told she was in a meeting. This took place for an entire day. I am still waiting to hear back from her, paying all of this $ for a medical marajuana card & not even being able to it due to this dispensary being the only one who carries what I need. This has been a horrible experience.

JMD 16 Dec 2020


Rarely do I write reviews… just wanted to say FSC is the best in DE, I always receive top-notch service here. Mike is great and very knowledgeable in regards to products and with answering questions. Thanks FSC!

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