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Marissa Grimaldi 16 Dec 2020


I prayed for a while that I would be able to find some sort of medicine to help me. Thank God, Marijuana was that for me, and I was very blessed to be approved for a Medical Marijuana Card, and a patient at Fine Fettle Dispensary!
All the staff there go out of their way to help you, and help your experience there be great every time. The staff there answer the questions I have, along with recommending strains that I might like!
The reward points are great. Helps me save and get more for my money. Sharing pictures or videos of the products you buy there on insta earns you points monthly as well!
I’ve gotten cool swag bags there! They love to treat their patients ❤️
The online menu is easy to use for pre orders. Thank you for all your hard work Debbie, David, Erin, Miles, Hannah and to all the Fine Fettle staff! God bless y’all 😊

john hennessey 16 Dec 2020


I was working on a review here, and was about half dome when I decided to take a food b reak.Sadly, when I returned to my writing ,my mostly-completed review was gone! “@#-+$¥,2&”,I exclaimed. So,l decided on a rewri,and here it

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of Cannabis in every form imaginable for the last 50(gulp!)years,and I couldn’t be any happier than I am now to be writing this review of such a classy operation as the Fine Fettle.

This fine dispensary is the second l’ve belonged to.I was a patient at Thames Valley Alternative Relief for over 2 years,and have nothing but praise for this highly professional, kind organization. However, when the Fine Fettle opened its doors in my backyard,I just had to come in for a closer look,and was delighted at what I found.

The “Fettle Family”opened its arms and took me in!Lots of smiles, together with a friendly bright,mellow ,and very knowledgeable staff made me want to stay all day .. REALLY!

The inside is bright and airy The atmosphere is calming and feels “safe”,which is a nice touch for patients with PTSD or anxiety disorders.This, the sales room,is where you pick up your order and ask any questions you need answered.If something is sold out or you’re a little short on cash,they’ll work with you so you can get something nice,and leave with a smile. It’s “cash only”, but no worries,as they have an on-site ATM

So… walk,run,crawl,fly,or drive to the FINE FETTLE.You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget your masks. No entrance without one!

☮️ and Fine Fettle,
John Hennessey

Michael 16 Dec 2020


As far as medical marijuana dispensaries in New England go, they don’t get much better than Fine Fettle. Everything from the staff and the physical locations to the website and online menu is awesome. I’ve been a patient at the Willimantic location since shortly after they opened and have never had anything but a positive experience.

C E 16 Dec 2020


Overall a great place! Clean environment and peaceful atmosphere. The people that work there are great as well. Very friendly and accommodating. I have not been to any other Dispensary in the area and am content coming to this one. Choices of product is awesome as well.

Katrina Jones 16 Dec 2020


I could not be more happy with my choice to go with Fine Fettle for all of my medical marijuana needs. The location itself is so bright and welcoming. Add on the friendly helpful staff and you’re in for a fantastic experience! Especially if you’re a new patient like me. I was pretty uninformed on what certain things meant and the differences in products. The pharmacist who did my call prior to my first visit was so patient and answered every question I had! This helped me pick a few things to try for my first purchase and I can’t wait to come back.

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