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Landon Whitney 16 Dec 2020


Such a great safe spot to access the Ct medical ! I am a transfer from a certain big company and I don’t know why it took me so long to do so. Fine fettle makes sure that their customers are pleased. The vibe right off the bat from walking in to the room where the medication is dispensed was great. I loved the decor and the display for gear was way more of what I expect from a dispensary. Professional service with dispensary technicians that are ready and willing to help patients. I also enjoy the products they order. There are things in the menus I’ve never seen at my previous dispensary. Fine fettle makes me excited for my next visit! Thank you guys for helping patients like me 😎

Jason 16 Dec 2020


This dispensary is such a pleasant place to shop. The staff is super friendly and professional. They are also very knowledgeable about the products. Their rewards program is also a big reason why I decided to use this dispensary. They are always very well stocked with products and have a good variety. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for a great shopping experience with their dispensary.

Justice Riccardi 16 Dec 2020


I love this dispensary. The staff are super friendly. The pharmacist takes a lot of time to help you get started and find the right products for you. It’s a welcoming atmosphere and they make it super easy to find what you’re looking for. I’m so glad to have chosen it as my home dispensary.

Row “Row” DaSilva 16 Dec 2020


I’m writing a review for Fine Fettle because I feel like I should, even though FF is not my dispensary. I was able to visit this summer when they were fundraising for a cause that is dear to me; the Trevor Project.
When I went to make a purchase for the fundraiser I was given a tour of the Newington location and a pamphlet about the place as well as some cool shwag (that’s always a nice touch 😉).
The place is great, the staff are very friendly and the vibe in the place is nice. The deals and points purchases are cool and they have a good variety of products. If I wasn’t in love with my current dispensary, Fine Fettle would definitely be my next choice, without question.

Yasmin LaPera 16 Dec 2020


Fine Fettle is truly the best dispensary in Connecticut. I have frequented two others prior to switching to FF, so I say that with confidence. Eric and Dennis are excellent and their customer service is always top notch. I’ve had a few issues with my card or with my order and they’ve always reached out to me by phone to correct everything.

Fine Fettle’s point system is AWESOME! You can get some really cool and valuable items with your points.

All of the dispensary technicians and front office staff are welcoming, kind, and informative. Shout out to Matt and Steph (and ALL the Fine Fettle staff).

I love being a part of the #finefettlefam. Much love!

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