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Jason Wirt 16 Dec 2020


The first day it opens I wait in line with other people, older were in front of me. Some guy from Fayetteville evidently talked to the owner and got to cut ahead in line.
Second, their quality isn’t as good as the other lager cities like Conway and hot springs, Sherwood…
Third, they sell meds for cheap that aren’t quality. If it’s green theyll push it as special…buyer beware.
If you’re old and new to marijuana you definitely don’t want to trust a newbie to your health.
If you’re paying more than 30$ then they’re over selling all you SSI recipients. Drive to hot springs or Sherwood, just see for yourself.
Please please if you’re elderly don’t let them trick you into a big purchase….I’ve seen it before, it’s sad. Really research strains, don’t rely on somebody’s opinion at the store. Mountain View actually gets worse bud than larger cities, they figure the country folk don’t care. Sad. See for yourself.
Just trying to be helpful after learning the truth.

DONNA Parker 16 Dec 2020


I was disappointed cause I didn’t get to go inside. Last month was my first time there and I live an hour away always make sure u look in your bag cause when I got home I didn’t have a vape pen that I ordered so 8 had to get out again and go get one that was 8 dollars an hour drive is long enough for me so I’m gonna have to stay where I am I just hope this place isn’t like what some of the comments are talking about I’m not trying to be ugly just being honest thanks guys

R 16 Dec 2020


Absolutely love this place and the people working here! Amazing service, prices are great and always have a deal if you’re low on cash. Even the drive there isn’t half bad if you like the scenic route. I drive here from Missouri at least every other month for meds. It’s worth it!

Josh 16 Dec 2020


They have employees that considers people that don’t tip the budtenders “stoners”, not patients. Voice it in the open on social media, and when brought to the owners attention, her defense was how well he answers the phone. Courteous phone etiquette must supercede actual business.

Quare Eligere 16 Dec 2020


The store is over priced. In Colorado, Nevada, and even Michigan you can get 1.0g vape pens for only $75, and $45 for half that. At this location they are $100.00 and $60 for half that. The thc levels are also way lower than other states. Quality of flower is also below quality.

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