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Keith Minton 16 Dec 2020


Every trip to D2 is a pleasant experience! Great product with a great variety as well! Very nice and fast staff. Easy website to use and able to accept card! Love this place

DVC Reviews 16 Dec 2020


Good product for the most part. Terrible service, people are nice, get nearly every order wrong. Prices change constantly, as well as stock, don’t order online, and please check your order if you still decide to check it out. Better options available with lower prices.

Forgot to mention employee experience with Malcom was terrible. Tried to blame me for getting my own order wrong and shorting me 5 grams on top!! Assumed I’d be happy cause it was cheaper lol!! Some of us have money and lives Malcom, sorry but my time is more important than anything else and you wasted it. Maybe back off of whatever your assumptions are, its hurting your business badly. Lost the 400 a week i was spending their and I’ll never be back. Thats just me, how many people do you think I’ve told? Be more careful when you open your mouth!!

adrian lopez 16 Dec 2020


Never a bad experience. Staff is always friendly and professional. Used the curbside pickup and was pleased. Not only was it fast but was very easy to do. It has been a while since I have been here, and needed to update MMJ card. And staff helped me figure this out. SIMPLE ! will be back for sure !!

Hilary Higginbottom 16 Dec 2020


Trying to the virus outbreak this was AM very welcoming location Staff was always more than happy to help with any questions needed Advice or product info. Very efficient Method of serving each patient. Since the virus outbreak in procedural changes they have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and health of all clients while remaining a reliable source Of our pharmaceutical means

Tony Ho 16 Dec 2020


Came to pickup an online order that was ready at 1:50, scanned in and sat for 40 minutes watching 5 other customers come in after me and receive their walk in orders before someone realized my prepared order got “lost in the shuffle”. At one point it was literally just me and one other customer. Even then they were not bothered enough to ask if I had been helped yet, they just kept walking past me. Not even a sorry or a dollar off when they realized I had been passed by for the last half hour. Just “here’s your stuff”. Did not make me feel welcome there. Definitely not the first time this has happened either, it just struck a nerve this particular trip and I seriously doubt I’ll be coming back.

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