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Anna Lieb 16 Dec 2020


Would been good if it a Google search told you that you needed a separate medical card in Hawaii and that it takes weeks to apply for it. 😔

Priscila Pereira 16 Dec 2020


Yesterday it was my second time at Cure. First time I had a good experience, people were very nice to me and helped me registering and choosing the product.

Yesterday right after I talked to the security and showed my IF I was approached by this very rude girl. I didn’t get her name but she was very rude and impatient. As I was walking to the room to get the product she yelled to me saying to not touch the door someone else would open for me. Should I know that? Nobody informed it. She opened the door and kept complaining to the people inside.

I thought it’s was very rude and uncomfortable. She should have waited for me to leave to complain to the guys inside the room.

The guy inside the room was very nice, but I was unfortunately in a bad mood already and he might have noticed it.

emme SEMEION 16 Dec 2020


Clean, fast, efficient. This group puts so much soul into growing their medicine and serving their community. Thank you! 💜🤙

MycaL Eddy 16 Dec 2020


Good products little more expensive than other places on the island…

Michael Sawyer 16 Dec 2020


Ok, I’ve been here a few times now, so it’s time to leave a review.

First, the people are super nice. But, that’s never the problem with these places. The real questions are quality and price.

So, in regards to quality, they offer low to mid-grade beasters at best. There are no real headies. Most their flower strands hover around 13-18% THC with their standout strain maxing out at about 22% THC. The selection isn’t that great though. They don’t offer dab concentrates at all which is kind of a deal breaker for me. But, what they do offer is pretty good when it comes to flavor.

And, in regards to pricing, they’re about middle of the road for the state with their specials usually being 5-10% more expensive than their lowest competitor. But, the step-up in quality and flavor often proves worth it.

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