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Heather Littlefield 16 Dec 2020


They make it so difficult for people who work!!! They finally opened on Saturday’s and yet each time I go they tell me “nope we aren’t doing anymore orders unless you ordered online previously and if not oh well” they won’t deliver to any address other than your house which is fine if you’re home during the week but if you’re like me you HAVE TO WORK!!! I can’t wait for another place to open so I don’t have to deal with this place anymore.

Michaela Griffin 16 Dec 2020


Very helpful security and staff, it was my first time to the dispensary and was unsure of how things were run and they were very nice. Even though products were nice and staff were kind, the receptionist was very unprofessional and rude and was complaining about me to the other employees due to me not knowing how things were run. However, it was literally
my first time and my doctor did not inform me about making appointments, not my fault. I even tried to call the receptionist to talk to her prior to arriving so I wouldn’t cause issues but she did not answer the phone and then complained when I was I’ll informed. Really nice welcome.
But I can’t wait to try my products and am happy they took the time to make sure I got the right products.

Meg F 16 Dec 2020


Each time I’ve visited, the staff has been great! Always sweet and I really love the convenience of the credit card.
Unfortunately, I’ve had 2 vapes leak so far, which they do not replace, so it sometimes feels like a gamble and I’ve wasted quite a bit of of money. Because of this, I try to get by without since I rarely can afford my prescriptions in the first place.
Aside being a bit more pricey than other dispensaries, I feel they offer less variety as well (though, to be fair they are definitely expanding!)
I am considering using the Carle Place Curaleaf dispensary more and seeing if the gas milage is worth the lower prices and product options. Hopeful that as things progress CC will improve! 🙂

Frank Larosa 16 Dec 2020


I purchased $285 worth of medical marijuana products at Columbia Care in Riverhead , NY.
First time buyer and it was done virtually. Pharmacist recommended products and I went down on a Wednesday to pickup products. I started using the vape and tablet daily. I really wasn’t feeling anything. I call Columbia Care 10 times in that week and also sent an email. NO Response!!!!!! The manager calls back tonight and tells me he’s very sorry but they were busy. A medical patient needs help and you let over a week go by or you ignored all of last weeks and responded to today. They refuse to refund the 2 vape oils even though they let a week go by. I am done with them poor knowledge, unprofessional, not customer friendly or caring whatsoever. They just want your money. If you need medical marijuana needs go to The Botanist in Farmingdale, NY . Real professional place. Friendly caring staff!!!!! They didn’t even come up with options to help me very disappointed.

D Pendzick 16 Dec 2020


I found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable in all products they offer. They are all very helpful and take the time to explain everything. Cindy went above and beyond. Highly recommend. I find the products great quality too.

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