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Joey Canosa 16 Dec 2020


Gian was awesome! The girl at the front desk (Kathleen? Katherine?) was super friendly as well. Gian was super knowledgeable and gave fantastic customer service. The store was clean and tidy and had a beautiful aesthetic. I haven’t tried the products yet but the experience in store was a 12/10.

Zachary Anderson 16 Dec 2020


Really nice place with really nice environment and very friendly staff. First time there and got 3 pre rolls, all are ripped and un smokable, head to laundry mat to do laundry and wanted to relax after my house caught fire but now I can’t. Come on guys this is sad. (UPDATE) Allison called me this morning and left me a very nice call back message, so I called back and im very glad I did. I’ll be returning to go get my damaged products from them due to a new packaging technique they were trying. HIGHLY recommend this place

Angela Sanchez 16 Dec 2020


This was my first time going here I felt very welcome, They definitely knew what they were talking about and provide a great recommendation for pain such as mine. Mojito popcorn what a hit, it provided me with the relief that I need it.

Kelly Perkins 16 Dec 2020


By far the best dispensary in town. Great staff. Quality product. A functioning online ordering system (this shouldn’t have to be a compliment, but based on other businesses around..) Quick response times and they even answer the phone when you call. A human does! For real!

And then to top that all off, they have a drive thru.

Really doesn’t get much better than that. Keep up the great work.

Richard Grey 16 Dec 2020


Great new place. I’ll be goin back.

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