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James Grady 16 Dec 2020


I like the idea of a smaller company shop, but can’t suggest a store that closes the window in your face 10 minutes before their closing time. Pulled up at 8:50, my headlights were in the window and they started pulling the shades down, hesitated and then shut it all the way. Not overly welcoming

Edit: have been back since and the store is clean, friendly and has decent pricing. Have not visited again near closing time. Switched from 2 to 4 *

Ryan Koslica 16 Dec 2020


Prices are definitely high, extremely pricey actually. However, Chronic Therapy probably has the best quality flower for recreational. If your looking for flower that is grown very well and you don’t have a medical card, this is probably the place. I would not say it’s worth the price but probably as close as you can get to being worth it on the recreational side. They also have great strains even though they didn’t have a lot of options the ones that were available were top shelf desirable strains. I’m just happy that recreational places still exist like this that grow quality. Thank you guys.

Anthony Trujillo 16 Dec 2020


Edit Edit Edit : This is my edited review. My previous review was to complain how terrible the website was. That it wasn’t easily mapped out and it was quite confusing. I mentioned this place would get a solid 4 stars from me if they fixed the issue. I was asked by the owner to try the website out again. They’ve adopted the leafy format for their website. Im not the biggest fan of Leafy. If you want a really good setup for your website, I suggest Trees Dispensary. However, their website is much easier to use and has everything you need on it. So as promised, I changed my review from 3 stars to 4 stars. You should be seeing an online order from me someday soon.

Tyler Mary Casias 16 Dec 2020


Usually out of a good selection of shatter. However, when they’re stocked, the product’s great. Do better at keeping stock up and I’ll increase the star level.😎

M W 16 Dec 2020


They use to have a great buying & online shopping experience. You would order show up to the marked window ” For Online Orders” and you’d get service. As of 11/13/2020 MST it is a mess. The window that was used for online is no longer accessible. The window now used for online has no way of notifying the store you’re waiting.

The option to order online and pickup while remaining outside is not any longer clearly accessible. There is no longer an advantage to online ordering as you have to now wait in the regular line for other customers. Wish the management ran online orders the way the did when they first adopted online/ Leafly ordering.

I agree with several recent posts like megan Reed & Anthony Trujillo.

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